Jul 24, 2011

The Izzy Dolls are DONE.

I finished an absurd amount of hand sewing this weekend, along with the beginning sculpts of six doll heads, cutting out six cloth doll bodies (along the lines of the Greiner dolls, which will only match one or two of the head-sculpts) and a teensy bit of crochet.  It was a lovely weekend, and I am sorry to see it go.  (I enjoy my hubby being home, and we have separate work areas from which we shout conversations back and forth.)

So here are the last photos of Enid, Odessa, and Vernon...(double click to zoom).


  1. They are just beautiful!

  2. They are AMAZING!! I adore every one. You do beautiful work - all that hand stitching! The bonnet on the 1st doll made me smile, she looks like a sunflower. Lovely dolls! xox Pam


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