Jul 21, 2011

Jester Pete made it!

According to Daryl Cook, (who is sharing a 37th anniversary with his Lady Katie, and who makes the most incredible dolls at Woodstown Whimsies) my gourd doll Jester Pete made page 62 of the Fall 2011 Art Doll Quarterly.  Woohooooo!

Now, to patiently wait for my copy.  I'm not yet enough of big shot (wink wink) like Daryl to have earned my advance copies.  But here's to you, Pete.


  1. Oh this is exciting,,,congratulations! I will have to go and get the magazine, You are doing a wonderful job with your dolls! Wow, I went back a through the posts, and I'm liking them all.
    thanks Jan, (inspiration)!!!

  2. Congratulations!!!! Exciting news and I so adore all of your work.

    Hugs (thank you for my tea...it was delicious!!)

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  4. Oh, I misspelled something and couldn't fix it! Anyway, congrats to you, Jan! :-)


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