Aug 23, 2011

August Beer Summit

The hubs and I have this long standing tradition--well, since around 2003 or so--that we've dubbed The Beer Summit.  It begins as we sit of an evening in lawn chairs, watching Cat Dog show play out at our feet and listening to the hummingbird aerobatics overhead around the feeders.

Not a beer summit pic, I just like this one of the hubs.

Then one of us (these are not planned events) brings up something that's been bugging, niggling, bothering.  Not a relationship issue, more like a life issue that needs solving.  Sometimes it's an idea that's inserted itself and can't be got rid of.  Usually, a Beer Summit results in a major, life-changing decision.  We've moved across the country, begun or left jobs, started businesses after one of these sudsy conflabs. 

This most recent Beer Summit took place as we leaned against the kitchen counter after he'd come home from work.  The kitchen, instead of the back yard, because it's too danged hot to be outside lately: 45 days of over 100 degree temps.  The cold Miller Light, because this was spontaneous and we had no Shiner in the house.  But there was at least cold beer.  Summit protocol and all that.

The topic of our Summit?  Change.  In and of itself, really, but mostly Clearing Out.  Lightening the load, getting rid of the deadwood, whatever cliche you want to give it.

But what was really funny was that we discovered about five minutes into our talk that we'd both been pestered, plagued and perplexed by a simultaneous need--desperation--to do this.  Independent of one another, we'd both been feeling a drive to purge our life, household, and closets of all that STUFF that has gathered up over the years.  The list of things/activities/plans we plan to ditch was downright amazing, for packrats of our combined ability.  Here's another cliche: I felt a weight roll off me as we discussed the details for this Clearing Out goal. 

If you were to clean out your closet--literally or figuratively--what would you get rid of?


  1. The time closet is an interesting one. We only have 24 hours in each day and we get to decide how we spend them. Sometimes we can spend YEARS doing things that don't matter until one day DING DING DING we realize it's not how we want to spend the pieces of our life. A few years ago I emptied this closet of everything but family commitments. I miss some of the things I cleaned out, but it was refreshing to have some margin in my life.

    My literal closet? Clothes that make me feel bad or make me look dorky.

    My art closet....admitting that some things just don't interest me anymore and letting go of the books/supplies for them.

  2. Funny that I saw this today, because when I woke up, the first thing on my mind was to get rid of everything I haven't used in 3 months. Never mind that I may need it sometime down the road, just let it go! So after reading this, it's what I'm going to do.
    What? No Shinner?


  3. Okay, first of all, I am peeved that I wasn't invited to the Beer Summit. I have no idea what Shiner is, but Miller Light (cold) sounds perfect. As for what I would (will!) donate:
    All those clothes I keep waiting to magically fit me.
    Books I have read. I am allowed to keep ones I will actually reread (writing reference books, and a few novels I love, including the Harry Potter series)
    Anything I haven't used in the last 6 months has fodder potential written all over it.

    I'm right there with you. I just filled 5 big bags and donated them. I've also started an Ebay box, and if it is still staring at me in a couple of weeks, I will give away some of it (maybe on the blog), and donate the rest. Go team! xo

  4. Beer, Jan! Guess Hubby and I would have an early morning coffee summit. An online friend and I had a discussion along these lines not so long ago. She made some statements that I have well remembered..."I felt like I was suffocating in my own home...I want to be able to see the sunshine under my bed...What I don't own will the the blessing that I can leave them(her children)."

    On Jan. 1 2011 I started my big clean out. I took a pledge (to myself, of course) that each day of 2011 I would "clean out" one shelf, drawer, box, or file folder. There have been a few missed days for various reasons, but am still sticking to it, and can truthfully say, "I can see the sunshine under my bed."

  5. I told my husband this morning that it's a good thing our Clear It Out plans have to wait until we get past the next two weeks of shows and real estate stuff...if I started right now, I'd be pretty brutal and maybe a little too ruthless.


  6. I go though it every year. It's a good thing. Old clothes, books, movies, entire collection of ... stuff.
    Last year I got rid of all my halloween decorations I enjoyed for years so much.

    On occasion even art, but that is a bit more painful :oS
    Art supplies and fabric are easier to deal with, either to re organize or donate, but the finished product is harder to deal with.


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