Aug 14, 2011

Road Trip!

Well, sort of.  The first weekend of September is the show we're doing nearby in Bandera TX (sidebar has a link) and it'll be all about Phil's leather.  But we'll be staying in an RV park, and I really miss that.

When Phil first retired from the Air Force, we did a LOT of time in that little trailer.  It's not miniscule, but at 22 feet, it's not exactly a luxury suit, either.  We lived in it for 3 months!  It was during the transition from his retiring in Florida (Eglin AFB) and our move to the land we bought in Las Cruces NM.  We were waiting to set up our homestead there, and so...with all our household goods in storage, we lived at the RV site on White Sands NM--an Army Post and missile test site.  Very tiny post, out in the middle of nowhere, right at the foot of the Organ mountains.  Beautiful hiking, but the winds got pretty scary there. 

Here's a few pics, just for nostalgia's sake.

The land we bought...not exactly ocean-front.

Phil and a Soap Tree Yucca--state tree of NM.

Me at the kitchen table.  To my left is the bathroom door, and the kitchen counter, and the stove.  Verrry tiny.

Phil at the other side of the kitchen table, with the bedroom behind him.

The guys are napping.  Yes, he actually sleeps like this with his legs crossed.

The RV and Phil's truck, and the view of the mountains.

This is where we went hiking sometimes....
Three months in a tiny trailer was a test of our marriage I'm proud to say we passed.  It was a fun time, with some stress and some really great memories.  But since we moved back here, we haven't done much traveling, and I really miss it.  So a weekend in Bandera may not be "traveling" per se, but it is up in the TX hill country instead of our sandy Post Oak savannah, and I will enjoy the change of scenery all the same. 


  1. Celebrate Bandera sounds like our kind of weekend! We really enjoyed the pictures and reading about your homestead in NM...beautiful country!

  2. Ok texas hill country I know but I am not too sure about this town Jan enlighten me.
    I know all too well about the rv life LOL, we had one that size when we relocated to texas and lived in ours and we decided to upgrade to a 30 footer, with extra slide
    Have a great show


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