Aug 8, 2011

Leatherwork designs...

Phil's been working on a new idea--tooled leather panels in frames.  He can offer them for less because there's no hand sewing involved like there is with the bags and notebook covers... 

Framed Leather Art--Celtic Cross

But the messenger bag he'd made, tooled with (my favorite) Triple Horse knotwork pattern, sold on Artfire this last week and is on its way to West Virginia now.  He'll make another one, and has several purses in the works for the upcoming "Celebrate Bandera" event in early September.  I nagged him into it--he does have a full time job already, poor guy--because I know how well his purses sell.  They are tough, good looking, and sit up by themselves when you put them down by your feet.  :~)

Double click the photo to see the tooling details.  My guy is awesome.  Of course, I may be biased.

Messenger Bag


Triple Horse Celtic Knotwork

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