Aug 17, 2011

Survey: Mailing 'em or hate 'em?

I'm working to set up a selling blog for JDConwell Folkart Dolls...I may or may not set up another for Phil's leather...remains to be seen.  But I'm curious how people feel about mailing lists, what they like, don't like, whether they subscribe to any and if so, why.

I checked out Mail Chimp...seems pretty easy, but very ugly, and I have this fear that using them (for free) enables them to use info that passes through their site.  I will NOT be party to that, so I'm wondering how it would work if I simply requested folks contact me with their email address if they'd like to be informed of updates, new dolls or doll news...

Please feel free to weigh in.  I need some feedback from the people who count!
Hope your Wednesday is fabulous.


  1. I personally think it would be best to make up your own mailing list rather than using an outside supplier. A little more work I know but you are protecting info belonging to others.

  2. I don't mind mailing lists, but I sometimes I get oo busy with life and I don't read them. I think I have been put on mailing lists without being asked, btw. Just lumped in because someone got my email from somewhere. If I don't like it, I just unsubscribe. I haven't heard of Mail Chimp, so I can't vote on that. ;)) xo Pam

  3. I've had several people just email, and asked to be added, nothing special with services. But I do have Bravenet, and haven't had a problem. I just need to start using it.

  4. Mailchimp has a paid access for it, and sometimes you have to jump in and trust. Ugh. ;-) I send out infrequent emails, because I feel for the most part people who want to know about my work visit my blog. My email address are the first people who know when I have something for sale art-wise, because I offer it there before I list online.

  5. Jan I do the simple send me the email with newsletter in the subject line. I need to add an rss feed widget to my blogs so people can sign up via feed to get an notice when something new is posted etc.

    I have no problems or haven't with the email deal and have done it simple for three years now and I have a long list of emails I send to

    once in a while you will have someone block it and it will be returned undelivered the thing about this is at that time you can remove that person from your mailing list.


  6. I think you can have your own list, just send it Bcc and keep it private. Also ask after a transaction and see if the buyer wants to be in it.


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