Aug 10, 2011

Works in Progress

I keep forgetting to call them DIPs...dolls in progress.  Oh well.  I haven't thought of names for any of them yet...they already have personalities, and that will defintitely play out in what fabric I choose for their clothing.  In fact, one of the Greiner sisters practically dared me to use the cloth I was considering for her.  (She's definitely an Isabella.  :~) 

(Double click to zoom.)

Heads and torsos, need sculpted hair and lots more paint.
This is what my coffee table looked like for a day or two.
Yesterday's push to get body parts finished enough for assembling the dolls...they are all quite indignant about this particular photo.

These two little ones below come from the worm living in my brain who resolutely refuses to follow a pattern.  I have no idea how to sew clothes for them, so I hope that worm gets busy.  The larger one I think will be "Eva", but the other seems to defy me on the naming thing right now.

The girls...Eva and...?

Lady, you need to dust your house.

Suggestions for a name are welcome!


  1. Oh my, she is just the sweetest little thing! I think she looks just like a Lana May (because she looks just like my little Lana May)

  2. I LOVE Eva and her little sister! You're great at adding personality to your dolls. I love the body shape of the little one. They're alive!

  3. LOL I love your work and your writings.

  4. I love them. You are just topping yourself every time I visit!! How do you get so much done? I am a sloth these days. Eva and her pal are wonderful. :) xox

  5. Love your dolls. that first photo of the heads and torsoes are awesome.

  6. LUCY!!!!!!!!!! Oh How I love this little cutie!!!!I want to hug her!

  7. Just browsing and came across your what I have found here!!! Mary

  8. Jan, forgot to mention how much I also like Phil's leather work. We have always thought we would visit San Antonio one of these years. We are tucked almost away from nowhere in the Arkansas Ozarks...God's Country the people around here say. Good luck with the doll show! Mary

  9. Mary I visited the Ozarks--Eureka Springs--back when I was maybe sixteen (God's dog was a puppy then) and all I remember was that it was absolutely beeeyuuutiful.

    If you ever do get down here to San Antonio, look me up! Thank you for the kind words on Phil's leather. I'm lucky to get hand-tooled leather whenever I want it! :~)


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