Sep 22, 2011

Almost Finished.

This is a dangerous time for me, with regard to my Clean Out campaign.  The Almost-Finished-Now-I-Could-Actually-Work-In-My-Studio phase.  Having taken an alarming number of donations to Goodwill, my house is almost ready for

a. company
b. the realty market
c. doll making.

That last bit is what worries me.  I am NOT done yet, and the urge to create is returning stronger than ever.  When I was a kid, I ran long distance for our junior high track team.  Coach Rice used to tell me something that made more sense the older I got:

"Always aim for a finish line ten feet ahead of the one they set."

For runners, this alleviates that tendency to slow up at the last second, possibly losing the race.  For my current situation, it means simply: finish the job. 
All the way, and then a little beyond.

The next week or so will pass, regardless of what I do.  So I have to choose NOW how I'm going to feel when I'm on the other side of it.  Will I be anxious and a little flustered that things are still disorganized and dusty?  Or will I be content with a job well done, and free to really concentrate on my art? 

Hope your Thor's Day is awesome.

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