Sep 11, 2011


Actually this is a Cleaning Out My Life post, akin to what Dixie Redmond is doing with her Clean Slate campaign.  Our supposedly Lazy Weekend has not been so lazy, at least not for me.  I spent the majority of yesterday cleaning out our office library.  Wow.  I ended up with EIGHT tote-bags of books for the Half Priced Bookstore.  They pay cash.  Not much, which is bad, but enough, which is good because the last thing I need to do is bring home books in trade!

The process for weeding them out?  Painful, but enlightening.  
I asked Phil to take out any he didn't want.  Then Miss Ruthless took over.

1. Do I need this book for reference...or self image? 
(Old literary tomes.)
2. Can I not get fiction from the library? 
(Favorite Steven King stories.)
3. Am I reeeeelly ever going to build an adobe oven in my backyard?  
(Uh, maybe not.)

So in the end, the shelves contain lots of art books, mythology studies (first true love), gardening, herbalism and brewing, field guides, dictionaries and bibles. 
Oh, and kid books Granny Jan can read with small people when they visit.
(Miss Ruthless can just back off the kid books--I'll never give up hope.)

I can see the floor in the office now.  Who knew this room was so big? 


  1. Isn't that a good feeling? I've got to do that with my books in my sewing room. I hear you on Adobe Ovens. It's okay, you enjoyed reading about it and trying on the idea for size. Now it goes on and someone will buy it and build an adobe oven. It won't be wasted. :-) Says Dixie as she heads down to the book sorting station. Magazines go first.

  2. Yay! I know the joy a cleared space. It's wonderful! I'm going through all our blankets/linens/towels. We have big family, and so we have a katrillion. But now some chicks have flown, and I am thinking lean and mean. One towel per person (kidding!!!). Good work! xo Pam

  3. katrillion more or less than a gazillion???

    @Dixie Sgt Redmond...Magazines !!! No I can't part with my magazines

    Jan.... I really do need to do this too. I did manage to put all the "keepers" on shelves. The gardening , Cooking, Arting, Crafting, Sewing...and the shelf of World Religions....because it's good to know what others believe. Our fiction makes it's way to our house in FL. S. King is there as well as Koontz. All the rest are stacked and ready to go....But I just can't seem to part with them. Even the pebble mosaic one.
    I think a pebble mosaic would look fab with your adobe oven.

  4. Ooh I did pebble mosaic once! I build the hearth for our fireplace up north out of river rock grouted into a wood frame. You're would look fab with an adobe oven! Hmm. Wonder if they still have that book, and would they sell it back to me?



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