Sep 6, 2011

Down Time


I have been jumping through hoops for weeks, my house is a wreck, the garden all but dead of record heat and drought, we just bought another house to rehab, and the holidays are coming up. 

This weekend, the hubs and I agreed that we're going to try to go one place, once a month, that we've never been before, just to go.  To explore, enjoy, and experience. 

But right now, all I want to do is finish the monster of art-fair-booth-RV laundry (it was pretty dusty in Ol' Bandera) and clean my poor neglected house.  The weather is's all the way down to the low-to-mid 90's.  Who would have thought of simple house-cleaning as down time? 

Music?  Check.
Iced Tea?  Check.
Trash bags for Goodwill donations?  Check.
Let the cleaning begin.


  1. I know what you mean. Kids are starting school tomorrow and I look around at the aftermath of summer that needs to be dealt with. That and the fruits of my incredible gift of procrastination.

  2. I hear ya.
    it's the same here...dead plants...dirty windows and don't get me started on all that dog hair.

  3. Down too!!! Misery likes company, or so they say, so it's good to know someone else will be cleaning up and clearing out! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really think Dances...would be a better choice. Enjoy your "down time."

  4. Take care. Slow down (if even for a moment). Breathe. Be well. :)


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