Sep 26, 2011

Goodbye new/old friend.

I put my kiln on Craigslist yesterday.  Along with allllll the clay and glazes and tools and pyro cones and...

It's sad.  Seriously made me wanna to just say NO!  I'm KEEPING IT!  I wanted a kiln for so many years, wanted to sculpt and glaze and make my own dishes.  Wanted to make all the cool planters I see in my head for the million house plants around our place.  Wanted to make tiles for the Dream House kitchen backsplash.

I had the kiln--with the coolest little pottery studio ever--for almost two years.  I fired it exactly twice.  Yes, there were lots of reasons I didn't get out there...between the colonectomy and the doll shows and the record heat this last summer (no AC in the shop).  But the point is, I didn't.  When I want to do something bad enough, I make time for it.

I really do want to do all the pottery projects, all the dishes, planters, tiles and sculptures.  But apparently I want to make dolls more.  So I put the kiln on Craigslist, and I will NOT beat myself up over practically giving away hundreds of dollars in glazes and gear.  Some talented potter is out there, financially strapped but born to play in the clay.  This set-up will be the beginning of an artistic miracle in his or her life.

I did make some things, and these will serve as my souvenirs of the time I lived in Pottery Land. 

A vase for Mary Jo.

A tiny Schultz.

An owl tealight.

A Dia de los Muertos windchime.  More like a wind-clink, but I like his grin.

Sarge, the six-fingered pencil holder pot.

A crazy tiny planter.

A tiny bowl for buttons or something.

The kiln.  Waiting for her new home.

Despite my knowing that it really is time to let it go,
the goodbye is still a little hard to take.  
I hope Talented Potter hurries up, so I can move on.


  1. You want to hear something funny (or not!)? I had a kiln just like that, and I think I fired mine maybe a half a dozen times, and ended up selling it. I like paper clay and sculpey better - lol! Maybe we are related?? ;) xox Pam

  2. Thanks, Pam. I don't feel so wasteful, knowing I'm not the only one to do something like this. Now if only I can quit chanting in my head "but will I regret selling it? What if I regret selling it???" :~)

  3. That's such a shame... I also wanted a kiln for years. I had 3 over the years that I was forced to part with when the economy tanked along with our biggest client at the other biz. :( I finally got another and then another until I ended up with 3. The largest has never been fired and is really too big for me so we're posting that on Craig's List too. I get so much joy from working with ceramics. I wish you didn't have to walk away from it. Just for the record, I totally regretted selling my stuff and have vowed to never let the kiln I have now go....unless it's replaced immediately with a digital one. :)


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