Sep 1, 2011

Kitchen Pics (Before)

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures I took myself, just the ones off the MLS listing.  But either way, there's no way to make the "Before's" any less grim.

That is the original Kitchenaid range hood, and I plan to have the contractor clean it up and put it back.  It won't match the stove, but it's just too cool to do away with it.  

The kitchen has light beige tile, which will all have to be replaced when the foundation is lifted.  (Thank goodness the same does not have to be said for the wood floors!)  As much as I'd love to do a black and white linoleum, I have to conceded to the Common Denominator and remember this is a house to sell, not a house to renovate my way. 

The cabinets will be stripped, sanded and repainted: 56 years of paint on them right now.  Bottom cabinets darker (warm gray, sort of "putty" color?), the uppers will be the off white of the rest of the house's trim.  Black appliances (this is not a granite/stainless steel sorta neighborhood, market values dictate.).  A dark floor tile, as close to slate as I can afford.  The I can't do the Boomerang Laminate with metal trim, as much as I'd love to.  So instead, a darkish speckled gray/black with some warm elements in it... 

I think this kitchen is essentially the Universe telling me I need to learn to compromise.  It won't be an easy lesson...but maybe I'll be better off for it.  :~)


  1. nice bones....even if they are grim.
    I wish you nothing but smooth sailing during the rehab.

  2. Yeppers, I agree, nice bones! I know it will consume you if you let it. So stay with the plan! You'll find a way to make this shine!!!

    I've been missing a lot!!!



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