Sep 9, 2011

Tired but stoked.

Looks like we'll be good to close next week...amazing to me that we can close on a house in just a smidge over two weeks, from purchase agreement to keys.  Wow.  Amazing that I even know what any of it means, given my vast ignorance of the real estate industry less than a year ago.

Now to plan the renovation.  Landscaping is under the pervue of yours truly, and that's what I'm stoked about.  Since the weather is cooler (down in the mid-90's) I'm itching to dig again...and this time, I'll have a budget and be able to actually shop for plants.  Holy Silverado Sage, Batman!

This time next week, they'll be starting the foundation work...should be interesting to watch, as they have something like 25 piers to put in and have to lift two sections of the house at the same time, since the slab is broken in two places.  Scary stuff.  Then we'll see what damage was done inside to plumbing, tile, walls, etc.  As there is cracked tile and drywall everywhere already, I think the plumbing is the only real concern.

The hubs is not happy with the survey, because the added-on garage and guest suite in the back extends WAY over the building set-back line.  But it's been this way for twenty or thirty years, so now we have to wait and see from the lender if this a real problem or only a minor inconvenience.  If it's a real problem, we'll be out $800 in survey and appraisal fees...
Real estate's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.  Oiy.

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing how this all turns out...especially interested in the landscaping. Maybe you can squeeze in a little dollmaking before too long!


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