Oct 24, 2011

Do you wear shawls?

I do.

Not to Wal-Mart or while I'm out gardening.  I don't know how our great-great-grandmothers managed to do so much in them, given what a pain in the butt a shawl can be.  I've crocheted a few shawls for myself, and have a ridiculous number of patterns for them.  Not sure I'll ever make them all, but I love having the patterns, love thinking of the fuzzy, slinky, or wooly yarn I'll crochet into them.  (An even bigger fantasy: I will KNiT one and PuRL two!)  But I wear them, and love them.

Here's why: they make me be still.

Aside from practical considerations--did you ever try to put a load of laundry on to wash while wearing one?--a shawl is for sitting still.  Perfect for early weekend mornings...for evenings, when dark rolls in and the chores are done.  A certain frame of mind is necessary to wear a shawl correctly, in my never-has-been-humble opinion.  A willingness to sit, unencumbered by feelings of guilt FOR sitting, and doing whatever you want to do while you sit...whether it's hand-sewing, watching TV, watching birds from the porch with a mug of tea.  

Perfect for doing nothing at all...for being still.

Do wear shawls?  Why?  When?


  1. I DO need one! Great little shawl your precious little gal dolly is wearing...you made it, I presume.

  2. I have a knitted one I picked up while traveling (bright red) that I use often when I get cold sitting around in my sleeveless shirts. lol

    They are amazing to own and such a lovely feeling to have something warm wrapped around on a chilly day.

    Now to get my crocheting/knitting skills up so I can attempt one or more.

  3. I don't have one. I like them, but I think I am not a shawl-wearing person. Same reason I don't wear lace. Some people (like me) just look ridiculous. And I don't need any help in that department - lol! I do love that they keep your shoulders warm while you're sitting. :)

  4. I don't but this post makes me want to.
    I think I will try this year, I need to be still.
    I adore that dolls face!!


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