Oct 7, 2011

The Hermit's Garden is Open For Business.

Well, it has been for quite a while, but now it's on Etsy.  Phil and I spent something like two & a half days photographing all his notebook covers, belt buckles, purses, belts, archery gear, etc. etc. etc.   I gotta say he's MUCH more organized about it.

Now I'm putting the listings together, so his shop is really starting to look more like...a shop.  Essentially, he has a day job, and so do I.  But while he's stuck at a desk all day, I get to make dolls, manage the stores and do real estate paperwork.  Okay, that last bit is probably not my favorite, but I'm lucky to have so much flexibility and variety in my work.

But there are so many more listings to go!  I try to post one every day, but I think I'll have to start adding more per day to get it all up in time for Christmas shoppers.

So next time you're on Etsy, drop by the Hermit's Garden  
and take a look, "favorite" something, or just say hi. 
Have a fabulous weekend!

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