Nov 21, 2011

Going through the paper clay!

I had eighteen more doll-body blanks from when I started the wooden jointed doll project.  I decided most of them will be rabbits and cats.  Went through a pound and a half of paper clay between yesterday and today!  Now to start making their paws--they'll be sculpted onto the dowel rod pieces I cut and drilled last summer.   (Back when I sanded all my knuckles off on the hub's belt-sander.)

Here's a sneak peak at the critters in progress.

Wascally wabbits, waiting for their lucky rabbit's feets.

Cats.  Coming soon to a theater near you!

I don't know what happened, but this isn't a cat OR a rabbit, in case you were wondering.

I'm thinking of putting a feather in the mouth of the left one...

This one kinda has a Cheshire thing going, doesn't she?
I have to be patient and wait for them to dry...the cats have styrofoam in their heads, so I can't dry them in the oven.  (I tried seems that stuff expands with heat.  It gets ugly.)  The eyes will look better when they're cleaned up a little, and they'll all get arms and legs and maybe some clothes.  Oh, and Alien Boy will no longer be an alien.

Wimbley, my first wooden-jointed rabbit...
Sydney, my first wooden-jointed cat.


  1. These are looking fabulous! I love the rabbits!

  2. SO CUTE! I wish I could see them in person. I love seeing WIPS. :)

  3. So, you've been pulling critters out of your creative magic hat, again!!! Love them all, especially your little wooden-jointed Wimbley and Sydney!

  4. They are awesome! Each one of them has so much personality.

  5. Thanks guys! I really can't afford the time to work on these right now--so much else I should be doing. But I can't seem to stop the madness, so I'll just go with it for now. :~)


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