Nov 9, 2011

More time to make dolls?

Ordinarily, that's a good thing.  A great thing!  But in this case it's looking like our Thanksgiving Trip to Phoenix is soon to be our Christmas Trip to Phoenix.  (Sorry Mary Jo, if you're reading this...Phil plans to call home this weekend.)  Which is hard to see as a good thing, because I miss those people something fierce.

The reason  for the, well, constant delays.  The contractor working the rent house rehab is making a lie of all the good things he told us about himself.  Into the third week and very little done, and half of that done incorrectly.  The house is rented, tenants to move in December 1st...and our "final walkthrough" date set for Nov. 30th--the day after the return from ten days in Phoenix.  We can barely get him to show up at the job site now, I can't imagine what a week and a half of no supervision would bring.  Well, I can imagine it...and it's ugly.

It makes me sick to my stomach to think of coming back to find it still undone, with this guy still making excuses and promises...the tenants with their U-Haul loaded and ready for their move.  This real estate thing can be fun.  And then there's now.

So I'm trying very hard to look on the bright side: I love to spend Christmas with family, and it looks like now I'll have the chance.  In the meantime, we'll be here over the next few weeks, poking this contractor with a stick (a.k.a. threats of no pay and bad Angie's List Ratings) to get the house done in time.  Since that isn't a 24-7 job, despite how it feels, I'll have time to get more of Phil's leather listed in his shop and work on some dolls.

But I miss our Phoenix people.  I'm looking forward to this visit, and looking back fondly on past visits.  You know how you can start planning, practically on a cellular level, for a certain experience?  Good times, a gracious home, chatting with Mary Jo while we (heh, I said "we") cook supper, a game of password, maybe?  Coffee with Gabe, feeding the quail in the mornings.   Love you, Gabe and Mary Jo.  Well, we'll still be there, just a few weeks later.

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  1. I hope things go better from now on! It is always difficult to deal with construction and remodeling, even in the best of times...


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