Dec 16, 2011

New URL for this blog!

I spent a while trying to decide how to make the blog more relevant to the art business...the gardening and dog news are fun, and there will still be posts on that, but for the most part, it's become an art blog, more than anything else.  So what to do?  Scrap it and start over?  (My inner child hollers loud,  "But whyyyyyyiiiii???")

So I compromised and changed the URL.

Did you know you could do that?  Go to settings, then publishing, then change the url right there in the little window.  I'm sure I will have issues lining things out...but I'm convinced it was the best way to go.  If you are reading this from your normal Follow link, then it's all good.  (And if you change yours, let me know, and we'll work together to see the sum-total of effects!)

The husband asked me why change it, if it'll possibly domino or cause problems.  He's good for questions like that.  I told him I have a whopping total of 95 Followers.  With a ginormous audience like that, any damage is gonna require one helluva butterfly effect to cause a ripple in a bathtub.  Besides, I went to a few blogs that link to mine...sure 'nuf, the link goes right on thru.  Guess we'll see.

The thing is, I'm aiming for a goal, made up of little parts.

First, to eventually eliminate the website that costs money and serves very little purpose.  It did originally serve to let me check the box in Business 101 that says: Create an Online Presence.  Not so much.  More like checking the box that says: One More Site to Maintain.  Time to renew, noooo thank yew. 

The second part is tied to the first: streamline time spent online.  There are a handful of blogs I follow belonging to people I consider friends.  (You know who you are. xoxoxo)    I value that connection!  But the majority of the blogs I follow are more like keeping up with what's happening.    Having a business blog instead of a website allows me to visit those valued friends, post new dolls, and check the "art news",  all in one place.

The third part is less measurable, but maybe most important.  I must disconnect my sense of self-worth from the presence or absence of feedback!  Changing the blog to a business-related one gives me a little distance, the way no visitors to your house is different than no visitors to your store.  It's easier not to take it personally.  Those friends?  Their comments touch me, because they go out of their way to stop and Say Hi, and it makes my day and gives me energy. (more xoxoxo's!) But what wastes my day--and way too much energy--is worrying when I talk to the "empty room".  The blog is only a blog, and the presence or absence of commentary in no way reflects my self-worth.  I've assigned myself to write this one thousand times.

So, changing the URL to one more relevant, along with the Doll House where the actual listings will happen) is part of my business goal strategy.  (If you fail to plan, are you planning to fail?)  The blog will eventually serve as a website, a storefront, AND a platform for exchanges of art talk. 

For now, the blog is serving as an excuse NOT to go wash that load of laundry.
Hope you have a fabulous weekend,
and make something beautiful while you're at it.


  1. Ahhh, I tracked you down!! When I tried to read your Painting Faces post, I got "Blog not found....does not exist. So, today went to my blog, clicked on you in my followers list, and found you here. Your latest post did not show up on my Dashboard where I keep up with the blogs I follow. Thought you might like to know. I like the logic behind this move, especially the saving time part...I am working on that, but not willing to give up blogging (yet). Your latest work is pretty darn good...told you that on MAIDA, I think. Mary

  2. You see Mary? You're just such a one worth blogging for. I love reading your posts and commenting. (xoxoxo)

    I'm glad you found me...I'd sent emails to a few who had email links on their profiles asking "does it still work?", but couldn't get to yours.

    Thanks for your perseverance!

  3. Jan, you're coming up on my blogger reader with the new URL. I hope that this continues as I'd hate to miss one of your posts. Hugs


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