Jan 30, 2012

Boys and big cats.

Okay, he's not a boy, he'll be 28 this summer.  

But he's my boy, who is stationed in England and whom I miss.  A lot.  His wife posted this picture on her facebook page.  It was so typical of my boy that I had to post it.  That's their cat Barnes, grown from an adorable bit of apricot fluff to this hairy monster.  

Apparently a tame monster that doesn't mind being hoisted up for the camera.  :~)


  1. OMG what a beautiful LARGE kitty! Beautiful coat.

  2. That is one very big cat!!

  3. Your son is very handsome! I have to go to FB to find out what my oldest is doing. I'm the last to know - lol!
    That cat is hysterical. :) xox

  4. Wow, that's a long kitty held by a nice looking son you have.

    Such a purdy orange long hair kitty. I've soft spot for those. :D

  5. Wow, he must be used to being picked up...bet he's spoiled. The cat, not your son!!! Handsome by the way! I'm trying to imagine what the cat is thinking...by the way he's just hanging there!

    lots of hugs, and it's a good thing your tiny dancer is moving!


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