Jan 17, 2012

The Couple Next Door.

This morning we have 60 degrees, humid clouds and still air.  But the weekend started out pretty frosty.  I don't mind, because I love Saturday morning reading with coffee and wooly jammies.  But this Saturday...not so much.  Where were we at 8 a.m. on this 30 degree Saturday morning?

Outside, on a ladder, taping white tissue paper over my studio window.

It seems that each year, when some feathered friend (last two years it's been a little brown House Wren) decides the Big Brother Live Oak outside my window is THE place to nest, he then decides he must defend said Live Oak from the Invading Bird.  Yeah, the one he sees in my window.  So for hours, and then days of hours, he flings himself at this Invader, determined to make him go away.

The little brown House Wren so far has either found another place to nest, or has decided the Invader is not so invasive, and given up.  To which I said "whew!" and got on with my painting and sculpting and sewing.  This year, however, a lovely pair of Cardinals has claimed Big Brother.

This sweet couple was worse than the little house wren, because they are:
a. larger,
b. more numerous by 100%
and c. more aggressive (I think they egg each other on..."Good one, honey!!!")

You could hear their attacks from the living room.  Phil: "What is THAT?"  Jan: "You remember that Alfred Hitchcock movie called 'Birds'?  Well..."

After all day Friday, it started up again Saturday morning.  We had to do something.

Soon as we came in, after putting away the ladder, storing the tape, defrosting our frozen fingers, we heard the attacks again--in the room NEXT to my studio!  There are curtains in that window, however, so I drew them closed.  This proved my theory (which Husband had dismissed) that covering the inside of the window was sufficient.  Whaddaya know?  It worked.   

So now I have ugly white tissue paper over my studio window, on the outside, which will require a ladder again to remove.  But there's a roller blind on the To Buy list, the Cardinals are setting up house, and my studio is peaceful again (if a little darker).


  1. Jan, we have an indoor pool room with floor to ceiling windows...you can imagine the clammer we get each spring when the birds arrive. Our solution was to hang windchimes during the nesting season.

  2. I don't have a bird at the window problem but do have a woodpecker who loves to drum on the chimney cover. You wouldn't believe how loud that can be.

  3. My friend has a blue jay problem every year. She even gets dive bombed when she goes outside.

    We have lots of wind chimes around our house which seems to deter the birds and we close the curtains on our back windows. So far so good:)


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