Jan 11, 2012

On Opening a Can of Cyber Worms

Because of the hubby's recent determination to buy ten houses this year
(no comment from THIS amen pew) I am spending a great deal of time online:

a. creating new email addresses for my biz and the household biz,

b. figuring out Google mail after almost ten years of Yahoo mail,

c. sending out notifications to the respective contact lists,

d. changing account info for an insane number of accounts,

e. designing and ordering new business cards,

f. typing & filing the meeting minutes for our Official Meeting of LLC Partners,
(he wouldn't let me title them "Red Earth Properties, LLC. 2012 Beer Summit.)

g. Re-aligning the domino effect of changing an email address connected to a paypal account connected to Etsy, Artfire and Ebay,

h. finalizing accounting for upcoming tax season...(not because of his 2012 resolutions, but still had to be done, and it must be said: he really rocks an excel spreadsheet),


i. trying to figure out how to move this blog from the new household email I'd accidentally added it to, and re-connecting it to MY new email.

This is not easy, but I guess we don't want our blogs hijacked, so maybe that's a good thing. If you EVER need to change the email address you use to log in to your Blogger account, just ask me. It's not technically difficult, but it is a little time consuming and takes a few steps.

I still have cyber-miles to go before I sleep, but I can see the end from here. (It's very tiny, and rather dim, but it's there.)

After all the online time, I actually look forward to a little housework today, just to get out of this chair.

How sick is that?


  1. I'd be looking forward to doing housework too. :^)

  2. I'm very sorry for you but when it's all done you'll be very happy...you may have a headache for a couple of days...but you'll be happy:)

  3. All of this cyber stuff ties me up in knots! Best of luck in getting it out straightened out so you can get back to doing the good things.

  4. Well shoot, after all that, I would think I'd look forward to cleaning the house. I may ask one day about changing the email, but I'll wait a bit on that, and see if you remember in a few months.
    these things have to get done...you just pushed it back into my brain.

    take care, xoxoxo

  5. I get the looking forward to housework thing...it happens to the best of us sometimes! LOL! At least you were able to figure out the email thing...I didn't even realize you could do that, but now that I think about it, it makes sense that you might need to eventually! LOL! Good luck with your ventures!


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