Jan 24, 2012

More Doll Clothes!

The dolls I've been posting lately were made in December, got unders over the holiday vacation, and clothes in the last couple of weeks.  You met Bethany and Emily Rose--the two most recent, and these are the remainders.  I'll finish them (a hat for Joseph, some beads for Kate, maybe?) and then list the five of them in Etsy for now.  Then off to the doll show in February.

A ginormous Thank You to those who posted encouraging comments...you helped.

The Doll Shelves

Olivia (loves to garden)

Kate and friend.


  1. Fantastic! What charming work you do!

  2. I love the way the shelf looks with all of your dolls on it! Beautiful work, Jan. We're excited about the doll show!

  3. Great dolls, Jan! You have a wonderful collection ...lots of work, and fun, here!

  4. They are really charming. :) I think I like Kate and her bear the best. xox!


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