Jan 6, 2012

What I learned on Vacation.

Back less than a week, hubs went back to work yesterday, and life has mostly resumed its normal pace.  But as I un-decorated the house yesterday, I thought of a few things I've learned...

1. Life really IS too short to drink bad coffee.  Thanks a lot, Gabe.  Now the cheapo Hills Brothers is awful and I had to get the good stuff.

2. You really do eat more salad when you chop up all the veggies and store them for instant use.  Thanks a lot, Mary Jo.  Before, I could just turn a blind eye to the produce molding in the bottom drawer.

3. No matter how much laundry you wash while on vacation, somehow it multiplies on the drive home, to become--like magic!--four loads upon unpacking. 

4. Get the camera out and take pictures!  Living in the moment is part and parcel of a vacation, and part of that concept is to get those pictures of the moment, a least some of them.  You can't go back and get them later.

5. Weeds in the garden do NOT wait until you're back.  I'd swear I already knew this, but must have forgotten.

6. Memories made on vacation with family are priceless.  I knew this too, but it just seemed important to mention.  I really didn't think I could like those people any more than I already did...but I do.

Love you too, Annie.


  1. Hi Jan, Thank you for visiting me. I have been reading on your blog along time and enjoyed all of it. Happy new Year and wishing you a fun and prosperous time exploring all the possibilities of making dolls. Martha

  2. Gabe got a good chuckle about your "coffee" comment! He must agree with you about life being too short to endure bad coffee because, after years of free Starbucks coffee, he now BUYS it for himself. AND - I love this piture of Annie!!!!


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