Feb 14, 2012

Happy Arizona's Birthday and Pinteresting Developments

Well, Happy Arizona's Birthday to everyone!

Here's the deal: the Hubs long ago decided to boycott Valentine's Day.  Instead, we celebrate the day Arizona joined the States.  I don't get candy, valentines, or jewelry, which is fine, because I don't eat sugar, don't save cards, and have all the jewelry I need.  But once in a while, on a Tuesday of no particular significance,
he brings me flowers.  It's a better surprise then anyway.

I bit the bullet and...got on Pinterest.  Holy cow.  I can't figure out which was better...avoiding it or joining it.  Within minutes of pinning Phil's leather, it was being repinned all over the place.  I think that's pretty cool.  But I can see how it can become a Time Vampire.  The rationale for the hours lost today was the Setting Up...of course there's a little curve there, right? So I have boards, but they're a little sparse.  The link is on the left under Contact Info, if you want to see or follow any boards.  I have lots to explore there (and lots of you to find and follow), but have to budget time as I go.

In the meantime, I have walnut ink to package, dolls to work on, a house to clean, and oh, did I mention we're buying another rent house?

In a month there will a Rehab to manage and a house to rent out.  That's cool too, because once we can replace the hubby's day job $$$ with rents, he can do the real estate while I do the dolls and the homemaking.  Seems like a pretty good set up to me.


  1. Temptation, temptation...I just can't take on something else that eats up time...very curious, though!

  2. Happy Arizona's Birthday! =)
    We don't do Valentine's Day in our home either, my husbands rationale is that he is NOT going to be told when to be romantic....he usually get's me flowers or something about a week after Valentine's.
    Pinterest is a definite time sucker, but there's just so much great stuff on there!

  3. I have avoided Pinterest for the time being, simply because I can see me getting sucked in big time, and nothing else happening. I'm sure it's really wonderful, because everyone keeps telling me they love it - lol!
    Have fun! xox

  4. I'm on pinterest too. It freaks me out when I pin something and it gets snapped up right away. I posted something made with a clothspin and it immediately got 260 pins and 85 likes in literally seconds...eeek! I watched the notices come rolling into my email one after the other...so strange:)

  5. Hi Jan, Pinterest can be very addicting...I know this for a fact! You will find you'll get new blog followers from there though. Enjoy pinning.
    hugs, Sherry


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