Feb 8, 2012

Gearing up once again.

Doll show this weekend.  Interesting new developments, as the local TV News is doing a story there on Reborn Dolls and the Artists who make them.  (Why does that sound like a self-improvement book title?)  I was never crazy about Reborn dolls...they sorta creep me out.  But different strokes and all that.  The upshot is that the show will be pretty busy, according to the hostess, and she's trying to arrange us to be out of the way.  Not sure how that'll work, but I've never been to the show in New Braunfels, so I've never seen that facility.

I love doing these shows, even though they wear me out.  Dragging stuff out, packing, hauling, setting up, and then spending the entire day talking to people (this from a woman who sees people maybe once a week on grocery day).  I've made a few friends and look forward to seeing them again.

In addition to the rabbits, Martine and the tiny dolls, here are some little clothespin dolls that will go into the mix.  But that's pretty much all I have, along with the remaining four Izzies and the Big Girls.  Should be interesting.

Don Pedro

Tweets and Tabitha

Maybe you can help me name these little girls?


  1. Good luck with the show. I haven't done one in years but remember how much work they can be. These little clothes pin dolls crack me up. They're adorable and such fun. The little mouse looks like a Missy to me and the bunny has to be Becca. They are in the same dance class? Have fun. Hugs

  2. Good luck at the show too....I love doing them but I haven't found any lately to go to. I love talking to the shoppers and the other sellers. I always come back fired up with new ideas.

    The little mouse looks like a Squeek and the little bunny like a Lettice (not lettuce as in the plant). I used to make clothes pin dolls quite a bit and I really should make some more as I have a ton of pegs and the stands. My resolution this year is to use up everything...LOL

  3. I love your bunnies! They are so sweet! I usually name things old Victorian names, or flower names like Pansy and Violet. :) Good luck with the show! xox


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