Feb 19, 2012

I love linen.

Way back when Phil and I were living in New Mexico, and I'd begun doing the medieval costuming in earnest, I bought a bunch of linen.  I mean, like I'd qualify to be on "Hoarders" with all the linen I bought.  Mostly because I love it, love to wear it, wrinkles and all, and love to work with it.

But the amount of linen you need for a 13th century noblewoman's gown is, well, quite a bit more than I'd need for a skirt I'd wear to Wal Mart, sooooo, you could say I have some left over.  And over.

I've hung on to this stockpile, convinced I was going to sew myself beautiful clothing, and because of the brain weevils that tell me I should wait til I'm at "the right size" for the clothes I want to make, I never have.  But enough is enough.  I am not likely to ever be supermodel thin like I was in high school, and even if I were, I'm almost 50.  It's not like I'd be gorgeous, just skinny and almost 50.  Gravity is what it is.

So I WILL make myself some clothes this year, and since linen lasts a long time, I'd best make them in timeless shapes that aren't too faddy.

Heh.  Just kidding.  Timeless, though, right?

But aside from that, I will use the linen in DOLLS!!! Big surprise, I know.

I finished the first one this morning, but she's not dressed, so I can't show her here yet.  Soon.  I actually managed to follow a pattern (mostly) without changing it...at least for the doll.  The pattern stinks for the clothes if you like doll clothes to be real instead of the patched-together prim deco stuff that sells these days.  So I'll make her clothes, and she will be the first of a limited line of dolls I plan to sell: The Linen Sisters.

I'd apologize, but I think it's funny.  :~)
Pictures soon...of the dolls, and maybe even the clothes I make for me.


  1. Looking forward to the appearence of the Linen Sisters. LOL!
    I too love linen and used to wear it all of the time but not so much anymore. I think it's because now instead of looking smart I look frumpy.

  2. I love linen, too. Your dolls' clothes are always so beautiful. I can't wait to see the linen versions (Linen Sistas! :) And I wish I could wear one of those pinafores - they look like they would hide a lot of sins! xox

  3. Tee Hee, you are so funny! Looking forward to seeing the Linen Sisters. I love linen too and have just finished a doll body in black linen. Looking forward to seeing your lovely clothes...I agree,I am not so fond of the patched together prim clothing. Dollies need proper clothes!

  4. Add me to the list of linen lovers. Last summer when it was SO HOT, I almost wore out my linen shirts. I love the look and feel of a doll dressed in linen!

  5. Can't wait to see them:)

  6. Ha, ha, I think that's funny too! Linen sisters. Can't wait to see the doll, really! You teased us!

    Have a good Monday morning...


  7. Linen is such a wonderful botanical fiber! I love wearing it too. And I look forward to seeing the dolls you create as you whittle away at your linen stores!

  8. Linen is awesome to paint. What a good idea you have to make a Linen Sisters line of dolls. :-)


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