Feb 22, 2012

Is it a sculpt or a carving?

Actually it's both.  I formed the paper clay around a ball of foil, formed the basic face shape, and let it dry.

Then I carved the face shape the way I liked it, and sculpted more wet clay to shape the head better, and added the nose and mouth.

When it was dry, I did a little more whittling (I have a pocket knife with just the perfect blade.)  Interesting that it's almost easier to take away thin slivers of dried clay the way I want than it is to keep adding til I get the shape I need.  Some clay is wasted, but the outcome is very satisfying.

Today I finished with eyes, using the sculpting tools.  But one cool thing I discovered was that if you wet the dry clay after carving, you can rub out the sharper carve lines, and once THAT is almost dry, you can buff out a lot of the roughness with the back of a smooth tool, like a mini spoon.  Makes for a lot less sanding when dry.

This little one will be a cloth doll...the head is about the size of a golf ball, maybe a bit bigger.

As sculpting and carving go, this is pretty standard fare.  But I think I'm getting better.


  1. I haven't tried whittling dried clay...not sure that approach would fit me. Either way, your sculpt or carving is so nice...love the skinny neck!

  2. Very sweet face, can't wait to see it all painted up.

  3. It reminds me of your profile photo "before".

    1. You know, I never noticed. Hmmm. I'd originally thought of giving her an older child's body, but the tiny body on that doll was really compelling. Thanks Judi!

  4. This process is somewhat like what I do except the medium I work with is a much harder material when it dries. This is going to be one cute little girl.

  5. Cannot wait to see the finished product. It's looks so sweet :)

  6. Jan... "Is it a sculpt, is it a carving?"... does it matter; she is lovely! O.K., O.K., process IS important! Absolutely incredible carving and sculpting, given the size of her head. I can't wait to see her completed. Daryle


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