Mar 1, 2012


Dixie's agreed to offer her Izzy class one more time! 

(Click on that first sentence to go to the site where it's offered.)

If you never took this online class but wish you had while she was offering it, now's your chance.  I did, last summer, and aside from her patient teaching, I have benefited greatly from the continued support from the Izannah Walkers Workshop site.

Even if Izannah Walker dolls are not your thing, the principles you learn in this class can lead you to your OWN special cloth and clay dolls--I can think of three or four doll artists who make wonderful unique dolls with their own "voice" who started with this class.

Seriously wonderful class.  I highly recommend it!


  1. Good news indeed for those who have the opportunity to take the class. I would like to think we have come far in this quest.

  2. Jan, you are a true doll maker. It is good to see and hear your encouragement for those pondering the matter. I know I learned a LOT from Dixie's workshop and I do NOT consider myself a doll maker. Even so, I find myself wanting to go back and try again. I simply enjoy working at my snail pace and get such a great feeling of accomplishment when finally finished.

    Warm Regards,

  3. Jan - thanks so much for the plug, dear. :-) Your dolls are beautiful.

    Hi, Mary and Barbara! ;-)


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