Apr 13, 2012

Rehab is DONE.

We have tenants in there now, and they're such a sweet, cute couple.  Army Lady and Mr. Dad, two little girls, and a baby on the way in a few months.  My favorite part of the real estate biz is providing a good place to live where a family can be happy and make memories. 

I'd posted pictures of the place before, and was able to get "afters" this time--the contractor was only a week late on this one instead of a month and a half.  :~)  This is a picture-heavy post, but to my mind, they say way more than a thousand words.

Note the giant prickly pear patch...it was fifteen feet wide!

Still not sure I like the paint colors I picked, but our contractor did--he's using them on several of his houses now.
The previous owners had knocked down a wall to add space to the kitchen.  Once they established their bad layout, they got Creative With Plumbing.  This resulted in rotted cabinets and general nastiness.  We put the wall back to recreate the fourth bedroom.  Smaller kitchen, but it's clean and healthy now.
Rotted cabinets, weird plumbing, and pink walls...what's not to love?
New cabinets, appliances, and plumbing, better layout.
Looking over the bad cabinets into the dining area.
Not a lot of counter space, but a better dining area.

The flooring is a sort of vinyl tile that looks like wood and DOESN'T sound like laminate.  We put it through the entire house, and because it's vinyl, it works for the bathrooms too.
Living room before...

Living room after.
Ooh, mixed media paneling in the Man Cave!
Family room (man cave) after...new tenants have a pool table.  :~)

The bathrooms were a health hazard, but now there are new toilets and vanities, and a new shower in the master.  It's all contractor grade, but it's clean.
Front bath before...
Front bath after.

Master bath before
And after.

Seriously nasty shower.
New tile, squeaky clean.
The house was built in 1967, and apparently they don't make 8 ft bifold closet doors anymore (at least not that we could afford), and since the budget had already stretched to cover a few Rehab Surprises--like a new roof--we decided not to reframe the openings for now.  So I made curtains.  The tenants have two little girls and a baby boy on the way, and she was tickled with the colors of fabric I'd supplied.  The little girls think their closets are fun hideaways. 

All the bedrooms had rather interesting paint schemes...
I happen to LIKE interesting paint, but for a rent house, ya gotta go neutral.
I like wainscoting too, but not in a hallway.
Floor guys jacked up the tracks for the closet door...so, more curtains in a pale gold.
The tenants like to garden, and promised to take care of the plantings.  So I put a turk's cap by the front door and a climbing pink rose in the back.  This weekend I'll put in honey suckle and trumpet vine in the back too, so within a year they'll have flowers, fragrance, and hummingbirds to enjoy.  They plan to stay a couple of years, so they'll enjoy the fruits of their labor, and their kids will learn to take care of the landscape.

Welcome to the haunted house?

Still a little more trimming to do, but mostly finished.
Thanks for visiting our rehab!


  1. Enjoyed your before and after pics. You have done a great job saving this darling little house...hope your tentants enjoy it.

  2. Oh wow, you guys did a great job!!!! wow! it's so nice that the family has a clean new house to live in, and not a run down rental that they could probably only afford. The closet with the curtain, is for play, it's a perfect stage with curtain...Great job!!!!

  3. Fabulous job Jan! You and your husband have done a great service in rehabing homes. Affordable and clean homes are in such high demand in this economy. :)

  4. Such a good job. It looks lovely, clean and cozy now. Well done :)

  5. Oh, my gosh! What a transformation!

  6. It looks great! What a fabulous job!

  7. Such a wonderful change you made in that little house. It is absolutely great now.

    1. I think this one's been my favorite because the changes were so evident. We've put this same amount of money into a house, but the others weren't so bloomin' ugly in the "before" pics. :~P

  8. This rehab was a total success! What a difference between the before and the after photos. It hardly looks like the same place.

  9. Good job. We had to redo my daddy house when he died, and it was a huge job. the house you had redone is very nice. love the light colors and yard work.


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