May 29, 2012

Busy Weekend!

The hubs took Friday off, so we had a four day weekend.  Now, one would think that meant a fine four days of fun and relaxation, but...not entirely.  We did spend an incredible day at Morgan's Wonderland, a place here in San Antonio too complex and major to describe right now...I plan an entire post on it, with tons of pictures.  But I will say we had my daughter, her hub, and her twin boys with us, and it was a great family day I will never forget.

Never was a photo ever more true to life. 

The rest of the weekend...well, we have this realty business mailer campaign going (small biz gotta do what small biz gotta do) and it involves 1744 flyers to go in a bulk mailing.  That's so easy to say..."bulk mailing".  Industrial sorting bins and conveyor belts come to mind, with wonderful labor saving automation.  Not so much.  What we discovered this weekend (and several days last week) is this: when a company charges several hundred dollars to put one of these things together for you--it's WORTH IT.  But it was a good learning experience, and we had plenty of band-aids for the paper-cuts.  Buying the marketing list was the easy part.  The rest was...printing (flyers and then envelopes), folding flyers, stuffing and then sealing envelopes, and stamping them WITH moisten-to-stick bulk mail stamps.  Killed three toner cartridges and almost killed the printer.  I didn't know they could make noises like that. 

Print, address, fold, stuff, seal, stamp, stack.  Now repeat 1,743 more times.

I'm figuring all total we put in almost 40 combined man hours, not counting my trip to set up the business postal account.  Now it's time to mail these puppies and see what happens.  Fingers crossed.

But the weekend was not ALL repetitive stress injuries and paper cuts...I enjoyed some sewing time on one of the dolls.  Her unders are all done up in pale pink and mint green antique linen, and her dress is cotton with antique tatted edging.  I think she's ready for a new home.

Riley isn't a period name, but it's what she seems to prefer.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend, and took time to remember the many many Veterans who earned our freedom with their lives...they deserve our thanks.


  1. Can't wait for the post on your great weekend -- with pictures. Riley is so lovely - hope she finds the perfect home.

  2. Wow your doll is beautiful, I love her coloring and you have nailed the eyes! :)

  3. I would rather work on the dolls than fold and all that other stuff. And, what a fabulous doll Riley is...just beautiful!!!

  4. Riley! That's the name of my acoustic guitar. Guess both of them have ground-breaking, period-shaking attitudes. ;p

  5. Sounds like your four-day weekend was interesting. ;o} I remember doing a mailing for a business or two and don't ever want to go there again.
    Riley is lovely and her dress is beautiful. I'm sure working on her was much more enjoyable than the folding and stuffing.


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