Jun 28, 2012

Summer Hibernation.

I don't hibernate in the winter--that's when it's nice here, with the daytime temperatures seldom less than 50, and sometimes a nice sunny 65 or 70 degrees.  Cold nights make for good sleeping, but the days are perfect for just about anything.

No, I hibernate in the summer, (as in late May until September) when the temperatures hover around the three digit mark.  Today it has cooled down to 98 with 63% humidity...but I've got indoor work to do regardless of this "cold front".  The garden is dead, the drought has me out watering 6 to 8 hrs a week (have to water by hand because of water restrictions down here) just in order to keep the perennials and fruit trees alive.

I bring up the hibernation to excuse my absenteeism from the blog-o-sphere...just have too much going on!  Not much of a hibernation, if you ask me.  :~)

Lately I have been working my tail off--if not on dolls, then on real estate stuff, housework, etc.  Had the grand-twins for a week, and I've almost recuperated from that.  (Note to self: next time stock up on vitamins.)

I haven't gotten listings put up on Etsy like I've wanted to, nor have I started any Ebay auctions, although I may do that this weekend.  I have, however, thanks to Pamela and Natalie, sold out of ink crystals, and have sold almost half the shipment due tomorrow!  Holy Cow.  That's a lot of walnut ink.  I'm seriously thinking of starting an Etsy store for supplies, since my sales record on the doll store has begun to look like an ink store instead.  Not complaining, however.  I've had nothing but good comments on this ink, and I'm happy to be able to provide an alternative to tea and coffee for aging fabrics and paper crafts.

I did find a quilter today who makes doll quilts (or has, and will again) so if any of you are looking for doll quilts made of civil war repro fabrics, try Treasured Primitives.  The picture below is of a table topper, but I think it'd make a great doll quilt for a small doll.

I've got a doll show coming up in August, and have started so many dolls it will be all I can do to finish them by then.  I'll get pictures up as I do get them finished!  And at some point (shame on Granny Jan) I will get the kid-week pictures up as well--those boys are little heart-breakers.



  1. Jan, Keep that ink stocked. When I run out (not any time soon) I'm gonna order from you. I totally get the hibernation in summer. It's so dern hot around here I don't even want to venture out. It was 103 in the Ozarks today! I work part time at the local bank and this is everyone's vacation time so, I have been working WAY to much lately! I just want to stay home!!! I'm so behind on my doll making. My dolls just languish on Eary Work Mercantile anyway! Hopefully things will pick up in the fall!

  2. I'm not saying a thing about the temperatures here because I don't want to jinx things but I too hybernate when the days and nights are hot and I'm not hibernating. Instead I'm in the process of making two more dolls. Hope to see something from you sometime in the not so distant future. Enjoy your weekend.


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