Jul 22, 2012

Goals: finish what I've started!

Two doll shows coming up...one at the end of August and one in October.  I have lots of dolls finished, but lots in the works still raising their wee brows when I begin yet ANOTHER project instead of finishing them. 

So the To Do list over the next month:

Dress the Izzies awaiting dresses.
Finish at least three of the boudoir dolls (might be pushing myself there...)
Draw up the instructions for at least two of the pattern designs.
Stop starting new projects until I finish these things!!!

I have at least gotten the Izzies in unders, and finished the clothing for a couple of the Izzy-tpe dolls.  I set up the "photo shoot" this morning, and got lots of new listing photos, but there still remains lots of dolls I forgot to include.  Wondering if our insurance covers a psyche eval for this Start a New Project Every Day syndrome.  Hmph.

Sculpted Clown-on-a-box, and wee elephant toy pattern.

She's got a dress finally,

and a pale gray linen cape.

These girls have unders, but no dresses or bonnets yet.

This one has unders and a bonnet but no dress.  She's the loudest of the lot, reminds me of Charlie Brown's Lucy.

One of the "Velveteen Rabbit" rabbits from a pattern I'm working up.

A long legged frog pattern...

A pink nursery version of the elephant toy...this one has a gusset unlike the primitive one...

Pumpkin Jack and Friend.  He's a gourd art doll...looks a lot like my Papa.

A pattern for a duck pin-keep sewing pocket thingy. 

Renee (my daughter) has already claimed this rabbit...she doesn't sew.  :~)

More of the pin-keep ducks.  Can you tell I went a little gonzo designing patterns?  I have a lot more to sew up and get pictures of, and then to write up instructions for.  But there will be lots of patterns on my shop in the future!

Now I've got to tend to the house work I've put off.  
First step is to put away all the photo props, backdrops, tripod, etc. etc. etc.!  
And then, well, maybe a cup of tea to recharge.  

Have a lovely week everyone.


  1. Well, I thought I was busy, but I look like a snail compared to you. So much work and such cute things you make. The Izannah's look wonderful, You should do really well at the doll shows. I just don't see how you come up with so many amazing things.

  2. Wow you have been busy. Good for you:) Lots of lovely dolls and animals. That itty bitty stripped cat in the doll's lap is very sweet.

  3. Aren't you on a roll! So do you make the patterns for your dresses too? I need to learn to do that, sew all those barbie clothes way back when, hasn't helped me now.


  4. WOW! You have been a super busy bee. I've been more of a snail lately. Partly because there has been a lot of family hoopla about (and I love me some family hoopla!). And I'm trying to get caught up on some house projects now that it is ALMOST tolerable outside. :) Love the new dolls, and the velveteen rabbit! xox

  5. Gee, I am SO going to need to get an Izzie! They are too cute for words, and look adorable all sitting together on the bench in their under things. *sigh* More things for my wishlist! :D


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