Jul 3, 2012

Last of the walnut ink...

They say it's a female's prerogative to change her mind.  I grew up somewhat of a tom-boy, but I change my mind plenty.  To whit: the walnut ink.  I have decided to stop messing with it, oddly enough, because of its success.  Time spent filling orders for ink is time I'm not spending on dolls, the house, the real estate, etc.

Sooooo to that end, I've filled the last of the orders, and saved some out for my use (lots of aging in my future...but we just won't go there) and I'm selling the last of it here.  Eight packets left, with a Buy Now button up there on the upper right under the page tabs. 

It's good stuff, and I did scout out where else one could buy it--it's all over Ebay, so there isn't exactly a limited supply.  But it's taken my focus away from what I wanted to do, and now I feel better.


  1. Well it has been a pleasure dealing with You, and I wish you much success in all Your endeavors!

  2. It'll give you time to get ready for your August show:)

  3. I love the sound of walnut ink, even if I've never used it. I'm happy that you're focusing on what you love. I'm very happy I'll get to see more dolls! xo

  4. We gotta keep our priorities straight!!!!!


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