Jul 30, 2012

Lookie what I got!!!

When Sheri Farley, at Little Cabin Creations, posted this doll, I had to have her.  As common as that is to hear, I don't say it often, because my practical side keeps my mouth shut on that kind of thing in general.  Being a "starving artist" (meaning my biz pays for itself, but doesn't come close to paying the mortgage) I can't justify buying every doll I want.

But there was just something about this one that had me ready to break my own budget to have her.  Sheri and I hit upon an idea: a doll swap.  How perfect is that?  So I sent her Lucy, whom Sheri will dress with her spectacular hand work and costuming skills.  To be honest, I'm a little jealous of Lucy, not only because of the dress, but also because she seriously gets to live in the woods in a beautiful cabin in Missouri!

Taney Butternut, w/ brooms and tiny wax cabin.

Yes, that's cartridge pleating on her dress skirt. 
Sheri sent me Taney.  Photos cannot convey how satisfying it is to hold this doll.  For one, she's stuffed with cedar sawdust (which turns out to be more like a super fine shred, not dust like on a woodshop floor) so she smells incredible.  But she's heavy in a way I didn't expect, with an antique-doll's lovely combination of floppiness and firmness of limbs.  She and her clothing are all stitched by hand--Sheri doesn't use patterns, so every doll is truly one of a kind, with clothes that fit...well, as if they were made for her.

If you were to research antique rag dolls, you'd see just how wonderful a reproduction Sheri has in this little doll.  If I were to have a collection of antique dolls, you can bet there would be a gorgeous "granny made" example or two in the mix, because they speak to me of that American Folkart tradition, of making do, but making art, too.  Taney is my constant reminder that tradition, and I am so pleased to have her live with us. 

When the big box came, I was shocked to see it, because Taney's only 14" tall.  But Sheri'd also sent a couple of little straw brooms (tomorrow you can see who was overjoyed with THAT little gift) and this tiny log cabin made of beeswax.  The wax is to treat hand-sewing thread, keeping out tangles--I have already used it and it works really well, but it's hard to make thread cuts on that cute little house.  Last, but definitely not least, Sheri sent two big bags of cedar stuffing!  My house smells incredible.

Just about the last thing I need right now is incentive to start a new doll, but just as soon as the August doll show comes and goes, you just hide and watch me.  I'll make a cedar-stuffed cloth doll (or dog? or bear?) to keep Taney company.

I hope your weekend was lovely and the coming week brings you pleasant surprises.


  1. How wonderful is this. Lucky you and Sherri. the doll she sent you is wonderful, as well as the one you sent her. You two should be really happy, playing with your new dolls.

  2. What a complimentary post!! Thank you. I have just returned from a trip with my girlfriends and will do a post on Lucy soon. I fear a monster has been created........during our antique and flea market excursions this weekend I have purchased a tiny book, a vintage hat, a miniature Easter egg, and a lovely tea set for Miss Lucy!

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  4. Oh Taney is such a wonderful doll!! and Lucy is one that I fell in love with also!. wow. I hope we get to see pictures of Lucy with all her new finery.
    (deleted this message and reposted because I couldn't figure out how to edit a misspelled word.)


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