Jul 31, 2012

Marie Leveaux

Every once in a while, a project that I've seen in my head--for weeks!--takes a u-turn at some point, becoming itself instead of what I'd envisioned.

Such is the case with Marie.  What I had envisioned, believe it or not, was a droopy-faced sad clown, a bewhiskered hobo type, reminiscent of the 70's black velvet fellow with his bowler hat and shabby coat.

But at some point during the sculpting process, Marie showed up.  She's a sweet old soul, for all she's green and warty.  With a fondness for sparkles and fou-fou fashion, Marie still makes time to doll up every evening (she sells love potions and charms at a French Quarter sidewalk stand) and knows for a fact that her customers never truly believe her when she tells them; "Be careful what you wish for, Chere."

Made of a large and a small papermache egg, with lots of wooden bits for arms and legs, paperclay for hands and feet (and face and shoulders), Marie has a heavy bottom (don't we all?) and like a Weeble, she wobbles but she won't fall down.  She'll be coming with me to the art show in a few weeks.  Maybe she'll sell a few charms to the doll collectors there.

Have a great Tiw's Day!


  1. Jan, I have a couple of little old men here who think that Marie is the cat's meow. It's funny how sometimes our creations seem to have a mind of their own. Have a great day.

    1. I'll be sure to tell her! She's a huge flirt.

  2. She's wonderful and I love her story. She looks like a sweet old thing:)


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