Jul 9, 2012

Pumpkin Girl

Back when I designed a couple of bodies for my "big girls"--the ones inspired by the Greiner dolls and milliner's model type paper maches, I had made three doll bodies.  Two of them became Isabella and Anne, but the third just sort of sat around...having not turned out sculpt-wise the way I'd wanted her to at the time.  But I went back and revisited her a bit.

She ended up with pumpkin and crackle, with harvest colors and polkadotted stockings and Queen Ann-ish eyes.  I like her and have enjoyed her wide-eyed presence.  Now I guess I'll list her on Ebay or Etsy and see if someone is as hungry for cool autumn weather as I am.

I know, it's too soon, and I should be happy with whatever season is upon me.  But a girl can dream, right?


  1. She is lovely Jan, where are your Izannah dolls you were working on?

    1. They're all lined up in the living room, glaring at me because they're still in their unders! :~)

  2. I love her. Great stockings and shawl. I too long for cool autumn weather!

  3. She is the perfect Fall doll. I can see her sitting among the pumpkins. :) I love that crackle finish on her!

  4. You are killing me Jan!!!


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