Aug 6, 2012

How was your weekend?

Ours was pretty good.  I got my house cleaned up--nothing like having people over to motivate me to at least excavate the kitchen table. Daughter and her family came over.

The main objective this visit: the hubs to take daughter and son-in-law to the range.  My mission was to keep the boys at home.  Tough job, but somebody had to do it.  So they all came down (they live 45 mins away at the top of the city) and I made chicken and spaetzle dumplings.  We watched the Olympics, and the boys tumbled on their family room sleeping pallet.

The twins, full of their normal energy like Energizer Bunnies on steroids, gave the dog quite a time, since his job is to keep an eye on them.  They played w/ blocks, did crafts with glue and paper, and helped me fill all the bird feeders.  They worked hard in the garden the next morning: helped me plant a rose bush, watered the perennials (and themselves) and guarded the yard against invading space aliens.

Phil took daughter and son in law to the range (both are Air Force, neither had hand gun training) with target pistols and a couple styles of 9mm.  I was really proud of my girl.  Here's her target.  Once she figured out the sights, she did none too shabby.

The boys were full of questions, naturally.  We taught them safety rules about guns, what to do if they find one, or if their friend shows them one, etc.  The NRA offers a gun safety education program that helps teach this, and the daughter has decided to find one for the boys.  I realize this is a hot-button issue for most people.  Rather than get into that, I'll just say I was raised to know where daddy's guns were at all times, to know what to do if I came across one, and to shoot one safely when I got old enough. 

By lunch time, they were all ready to head home--Sunday afternoons for busy families are a time to get ready for the coming week.  The boys were tired from their full weekend of being six year old boys.  Daughter took this picture of them in the back seat on the way home.  Looks like a nap was in order.

Hope your weekend was full of people you love like mine was.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Your grandsons are adorable.

  2. I bet they tired YOU out. :) Your daughter did great! xox

  3. The twins are adorable and that picture is so sweet! Seems like you had a very enjoyable and tiring weekend.

    1. They are quite a pair, aren't they? I love to see them sleeping on their pallet in the family room, all tumbled around like puppies.

  4. Interesting post Jan, I have worked at the local bank for 14 years. Last Monday (I happened to be off) I received a call from the security company that there was an armed robbery in progress at the bank. Long story short, thankfully the young ladies were unharmed, but a goodly amount of money was taken. There was a threat to return to their homes, and more, if the police were called. To their relief the robber has been apprehended! I live in the hills, nearly every one around here is a hunter, including most of the young ladies I work with. Three of these ladies are going this week to qualify for their conceal and carry license. We have guns, safetly lock away. I know how to safetly use it. I am thankful I have that freedom. Great Post! The Grandson's are darling.

  5. I really think, women have a better eye for hitting the buzz eye. I remember as a child, my father took us to the back field, were we learned to shoot. Our safety course, was taught with common sense.
    I love the shot of the sleeping twins. They naturally gravitate to each other.



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