Aug 28, 2012

Izzy Dresses, Nice Ladies, and A Great Time Had By All.

I'm back, and mostly unpacked and recovered.  Funny how empty the house looked with all the dolls packed away.  But they're all in their places with bright shining faces again.

The doll show was awesome.  I made more than enough to make it worth all the work and had a wonderful time while I was at it.  I met two really great ladies...okay I met lots of nice ladies, but these two were my booth mates to the right of me.  They buy, refurbish and dress vintage Barbies and such.  We shared body parts jokes (they boil whereas I paint) and so many laughs through the day.  They were a joy to be around.

As I promised Martha and Judy, I took pictures of the Izzies I finally made dresses for.  Good thing too, because two of them found new homes.  One of the ladies wanted me to switch dresses--I generally don't like to do that, but this was the sixth doll this lady has bought from me at shows.  So, for her I did it.  She wanted the blue-eyed Izzie in yellow, but she wanted the fluffy white dress.  Funny...I was wondering if that white dress would go over well.  The doll in the pink dress sold as well, to a lady up in Austin who runs the annual doll show there.  It felt good, the response I was getting from established "Doll People" this time.  It's as if they've decided that I'm here to stay.  This was the first anniversary of my first show.  I wonder how the twentieth will feel?  :~)   Dorothy, who runs this one, referred a customer to me for a commission to make TEN DOLLS.  So I'll be more than a little busy over the next couple of months--especially with Austin coming up in a month!

Blue eyed Izzie

Now this one wears the yellow dress, but it fits her fine.

She's only as far as Austin, so I can still visit her. 
I also got a picture of Joseph--he's not new but he had a great seat in the antique carriage I found online.  I never got around to making new seat and covers for it.  I put a doily on the seat, but someday I'll make covers for it.  I finally got the Bawdy Smoker will be hard to see her go since I've gotten so fond of her. 

She's such a sophisticate!

My set up is getting better.  Still not entirely happy with it, but it's getting there.  For the last year, I've been collecting old crocheted table clothes and doilies, etc.  Trying to unify the color scheme a little because with all those dolls and their chairs, etc., it gets looking so busy.  It must be working; people stopped to take pictures of my booth.  (They asked permission first.  Doll People are generally polite.)

One lady suggested I remove the hoods and bonnets from the Izzie dolls--or let their bonnets rest back on their shoulders.  Said seeing their little heads made them look more Izzie-like.  I had to agree, but with mixed feelings.  They look so cute with their bonnets on! 

New developments...I know I have tried to limit myself to three shows, but I was invited to participate in a show about a day's drive east of me, and I think I'm going to have to give it a try.  This really is so fun. 


  1. Your booth looks fab. Glad you had such a good time and did so well!!

  2. All wonderful but that Izzy in yellow is gorgeous.

  3. Congratulations Jan. I'm glad you did so well at your show. Your table set up looks wonderful. I used to use lace table clothes too over a pale undercover when I did craft shows. I think it gave it a distinctive and more dressed up feeling. The effort that you put into your display does really made a difference in your sales. It tells your customer that you are a professional:)

  4. I'm happy to hear the show went well. Wow, 10 dolls, that's awesome.
    Thanks for sharing photos of your display, it looks very inviting.

  5. You did really great. Using the white table cloths really helped to show the dolls. Such beautiful dolls too. I really liked them all and the Izannah's were so pretty. Thanks for sharing pictures, I so enjoyed seeing them. You had better get busy making more dolls now. Congradulations on a successful show. I knew it would be.

    1. Martha, I saw two of your dolls at this show! One was a little black boy doll and the other was your little girl with a white dotted dress. They were great!

  6. I'm so happy that you're having so much fun with this. Your dolls are so charming, and I know the collectors have found you, and you'll be one busy little duck from here on out! YAY!

  7. Your dolls all looked so lovely...a great big WOW for the Izannahs! Congratulations on a great showing!

  8. Great pictures of your wonderful work Jan, I would have purchased an Izzy had I been there, they are spectacular! Love your work, :~)

  9. Your display is wonderful Jan. The lace table clothes are a nice touch as well as all the doll furniture. The Izzie in the yellow dress is my favorite, she's gorgeous! Glad to hear your show was successful, thanks for sharing your pictures.



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