Sep 28, 2012

Cat-Dog Show

Our newest addition has made herself right at home.  Yesterday was her 4th visit to the vet in as many weeks, and I've gotta say I'm glad that part is done.  So now she's had all her shots, blood work, spay surgery, and lastly, the booster shots and stitches out.  She's gained almost a pound, but the vet said she's pretty much as big as she'll get.  At five lbs, she's a featherweight compared to Schultz's 22.

She and Schultz run through the house in manic games of chase (she started it!), and we've gotten accustomed to having our feet attacked any time we venture near the edge of the bed.  Schultz wants to play with her the way he does his outdoor foster-cat Waylon.  By chomping at ears and front feet.  Waylon takes this with a grain of salt, but Willie is still a little anxious about it.  She'll learn he won't actually bite...and even now she doesn't run away.

They both love Phil and will share his lap when he's on the computer.  And mine when I read.  They're like brother and sister when it comes to sharing--they'll do it, but they don't have to like it.

Life is really crazy right now, and due to some humongous changes over the next year, it doesn't look to get any saner in the near future.  Boredom has never been a problem at the Conwell house.  I'll post next week after the Austin Doll Show (Oct. 6) with how it all went.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Nice pictures. The dog and cat are sweet. Will look forward to seeing your doll show pictures.

  2. Good luck in Austin. Don't work too hard!

  3. I love a good cat story. The last photo of her sitting on her special cushion is cute. I guess Schultz is cute too :-P

  4. She has the best face! I love the stripe down her nose. Have fun in Austin - I want to see pics! xox


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