Sep 16, 2012

So they're a herd of stampeding turtles.

I always crack up at that image, but with two six year olds and two cats and two cars packed to groaning with gear and clothes for several weeks, my daughter's family is on her way pretty much like that herd of turtles.

Their move to Travis AFB will take days and days, partly because it's a long way, and partly because they'll stop and visit with family in Arizona and then Southern California.  So Friday--Renee's graduation from her tech school--was a bittersweet day for me.  And of course I forgot to wear the waterproof mascara.

We went to her graduation, then to the River Walk here in San Antonio.  Got all their gear from the hotel and the cats.  Then we had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, and took family pictures at the Alamo.

I will miss having her so close, will miss those boys with their bright smiles and their energy.

The training was tri-service, for Army, Navy, and Air Force.  Look at the row of graduates on the right of the picture:   They sit at attention for the whole ceremony.

I love this picture! 

A nice young man at the Alamo took an Everybody In shot for us.

The boys and Granny Jan.

The boys and Pa.

Back to just Granny and Pa around here now.


  1. I know you will miss them............great photos!

  2. Those are great photos! And I know all about not wearing the waterproof mascara. Raccoon eyes. :)) You must be so proud of her - congrats all around! I know it will be hard for you not to have them nearby. You'll have to go on a road trip! xox

  3. It is so hard to watch the little ones (and big ones) drive away...leaves such a big hole. At least you were able to make some wonderful memories with your darling boys before they had to go.

  4. Pa and Granny Jan... you ARE a handsome couple! Oh, the letting go... with our youngest in Vermont and the grandsons in North Jersey... sigh! I get it jan! Daryle

  5. I loved seeing the picture of you and your grands, Granny Jan. :-) Beautiful, all of you!


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