Oct 17, 2012

What a difference a day makes.

I met some people yesterday...and today I am different because of it.  Technically, I already "knew" one of them, but up til yesterday, I'd never met Edyth in person, nor had we a chance to really visit in any substantial way.  I've enjoyed her blog, her generosity with lessons and tutorials and patterns...but knowing someone online can be pretty limiting. 

We'd been planning a visit for a while, but the stars didn't align until yesterday.  I drove up to where Edyth O'Neill lives, about an hour and a half north of me in the rugged Texas hill country.  Enjoying the autumn beauty, I would have readily conceded the drive was the highlight of a really crazy last few weeks.  But I would have been wrong.  The high light was to be my visit with Edyth and Jack.  

My first impression of their home was one of warmth, grace, and the patience of time.  Yeah, okay that might be something you'd assume when entering the home of serious antique collectors, but simply having old stuff around you doesn't necessarily cut it.  I've been in the homes of antique collectors before, and have felt afraid to come all the way into the room for fear of upsetting something.  Not at the O'Neill's.  They live in their home, well and truly.

Warm, vibrant, genuine, richly colorful but calming...balanced spaces, shapes, patterns and textures. A perfect blend of beautiful form and practical function.  That's what you get right away.  Not so surprising that the two people who created that space are warm, vibrant, genuine, and calming.  I felt welcome, and just so bloomin' happy to be there.  Generous with their time and their shared passion for history and folk art, Jack and Edyth became part of my tapestry yesterday.

Never take a day for granted...because you never know when one will change your life.


  1. Beautiful! So glad you were able to do that!

  2. I can only imagine the tons of inspiration you soaked up visiting with Edyth and Jack...lucky girl!

  3. Makes me smile just imagining it!

  4. That sounds like a trip that was well worth taking. :) Here's to new friends! xo

  5. Sounds like a very inspiring day! Oh.......if I could have been a little mouse in your pocket!

  6. I love to visit and befriend those who are a bit wiser than me. What a wonderful treasure you've found. :-)


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