Nov 5, 2012

Open House Art Sale

Years ago I met a lovely and rather willful lady at the San Antonio Herb Society.  Her name is Eileen and we're friends to this day, which is funny since we're both much alike and should butt heads but don't.  So Eileen got an idea from another herb society friend to have an Open House Art Sale in her home.  She invited some artful fellows, dug out her recipe book, and together we had a great day.

She's an artful soul, this Eileen is...sewing, beading, knitting, and creating all sorts of herbal hearth crafts--making soaps and tinctures and such.  Have I mentioned she can cook?  Oh goodness can this lady cook.  So creative and adventurous with recipes that I'm sure I won't like--until I try them.  Hatch Chiles in Peanut Brittle?  Really?  Yes.  Delicious.

Eileen and gorgeous beaded jewelry. 

Cloth bowls.  So many colors!  I got a little one w/ cabbage roses. 

There is never an event at this house without refreshments...serious gourmet treats.

There was a table of beautiful hand made greeting and gift cards--the scope of variety was incredible and I wanted them ALL.

Anisa (sorry if I'm spelling your name wrong) the Card Lady

Pick a card, any card!

The glass guys (and lady) brought hand-blown glass ornaments, jewelry, candle holders and sculptures. 

Jewelry for your Christmas Tree!
Those crazy kids.  :~)


And of course there were dolls.

We had a fine day of jolly chaos, people in and out, visiting, and shopping for holiday gifts.
What better way to spend a Saturday? 


  1. Looks like a fun day! Wish I could have made it!

  2. I could drop some money there. :) It looks like fun - what a great idea! Are ALL those your dolls? Do you sleep? :)) xox

  3. What a fun idea! Who needs stores when you can do your holiday shopping and party at the same time at a friend's house?

  4. Herb Society how cool is that... Always a gift to find a friend and so talented. The dolls look well dressed for the big event!



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