Nov 15, 2012

Two Izannah Walker dolls, almost finished.

I can't go anywhere that I don't take some handwork to sew on while I'm there.  Even take it to doctor's appts and such, because I might as well get something done while I wait, right?

Well, our lovely holiday w/ Gabe and Mary Jo is always a good time to work on Izzy dresses.  I love visiting their place because it's so peaceful.  No big agenda to accomplish, no pressure to do anything except just be.  I love that.  Mary Jo and I have been known to sit for hours in companionable silence, each engrossed in a book.  The handwork is for when we visit, with sleeping dogs at our feet (or in our laps) catching up on family and friends' news.  It's been too long, and I so look forward to our trip.

To that end, however, I needed to get these Izzies to the stage where I can make their clothes!  We'll be a little shorter on hauling space, so it's not like I can bring the Giant Box of Stuffing.  Small, portable projects are the order of the day.

These girls (I think of them as Big Sister and Little Sister) are 20" and 19.5" tall--or will be.  I wanted to create a larger Izzy than the little 16" babies I've made up til now.  I realized how well I'd achieved my goal when I picked up Joseph and felt how tiny he was!  These girls have some serious heft to them, but as I've learned from personal experience, you can never really tell from pictures how large or small a doll is.  You have to hold them.  Which is okay, since that's what they're meant for, right?

I have to stuff and paint their hands/arms, then sew those and the legs on the bodies.  A wash of Burnt Sienna will age them a little, and the painting will be done.  The Izzy Suits can wait til I get there, so between those, their unders and their dresses, I'll have more than enough handwork to occupy my digits while I enjoy the visit.

Look out Conwells!  Here we come!

Happy Thanksgiving in advance, and may you all find plenty to be thankful for!


  1. Oh Jan they are wonderful, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the new Izzies -- and the rest of the family. We'll be ready -- and Welcome again!

  3. You have created some real beauties here! Have a nice trip. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Can't wait to see the little sisters once you have them finished. Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe trip.

  5. Pretty Izannahs. It sounds like the perfect little vacation time. Happy Thanksgiving to your family.

  6. I finally got over my hesitance to be a man stitching in public and took my embroidery to the doctor's office. It seemed to make the wait much shorter, and no one gave a fuss about what I was doing. A good experiment that I feel Bette about repeating.

    It's so nice to have a friend to stitch with, especially with no particular need to make up a conversation.

  7. Why did I think I commented before? Maybe because I have LOST MY MIND. Ahem. I do love your dolls, and I wish I could hold one, and look at it in person. There is something about seeing art in person. :) Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Xox!

  8. Jan, Did you get my note about the Doll Trade. I think it's a great idea. Let me know if you got it. Martha


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