Jan 23, 2013

Finally ready to list!

It's been forever since I posted anything, but we've finally got the house decluttered, repainted, recarpeted, gussied up and ready to present herself to the market.  Yes, it took a long time--we started the first of December, but I had a 2,148 sq. ft house in which every room was painted from crown molding to baseboards in vibrant colors.  And have I mentioned the green carpet?  Oy.

We now enter the Seller's Phase of Tidy Living which will go on until we close.  That's that part where you run around wiping every water spot on every faucet and straighten towels to within an inch of their lives.  The dog and cat don't understand why I keep putting away their toys (so far they think it's a fine game) and the husband is learning to be patient when I keep hiding his little drifts of paperwork/keys/needfuls clutter in inconvenient places.  But that's what it takes--we've sold a few houses and this is how it works best.

The neutral walls and carpet would work so much better if I had brighter stuff out, but all my bright stuff went to storage in the Decluttering Campaign, so for the now, it'll just be Move In Ready Neutral.  I hope buyers have plenty of imagination if they like color.  But as neutral as it is, the house shows pretty well this way--wide open and almost ridiculously spacious--without all my millions of little tables, baskets, boxes, etc. to clutter it up.  So.

Here's our house, in her MLS glory:

Our house (admittedly this was taken in greener times.)
From the front door.
A view OF the front door.
Dining room and my collection of adopted chairs.
We have really loved this floor plan.
Kitchen from the dining room.
Kitchen from the family room.
Family room off the kitchen.
The office (aka Command Central).
Bedroom A. (Hubs made the bed for our SCA camping.)
Bedroom B.
Bedroom C. (was my doll studio, now HUGELY reduced.)
Master Bedroom.
Master bath & garden tub. 
Peaking out from under the carport in the back.
Grandpa Live Oak and a yard where we've spent some good times.

 We'll miss this place--four years is our record for living in one house.  
But we've got a new chapter coming up, and we are ready to begin it!  
Hope your week is busy being fabulous.


  1. Jan, the house looks great. I like the neutral colors. It is a nice house. I'm sure you will sell it in no time. Hope you will like your new place just as much as this house.

  2. All of that work paid off. The house looks great and I'm sure it won't be on the market for long. It really does look open and very spacious.

  3. Lovely house:) I love the layout. I agree it should be easy to sell.

  4. Best of luck selling, it looks great!!!

  5. Those neutrals were good choices. Not as boring as white, and they make everything look fresh. You'll sell in no time. The longest I've ever lived in one house was 13 years. You're a gypsy! :) xox

  6. What a great idea to set up that bedroom with the SCA bed! Certainly better than leaving it empty --- I think ???

    1. I think so too. I used to believe that a house shows better empty, but maybe that's because I prefer to see a house w/out somebody else's stuff in it. But many hours of HGTV later, I've been made to understand that lots of people can't "see" a room when it's empty, and prefer to see it illustrated with a very simple and neutral version of its purpose.

      When we set up that bed, I fell in love with it all over again. But Phil said, "Uh No." So we'll give it to our neighbors when we sell the house. :~)

  7. Oh, the SCA bed is a dream! Good luck with the house selling!

  8. I've been following your progress, and you must have tons of energy. I think looking for new houses is motivation. And, did I read that you're doing a doll show too?



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