Apr 11, 2013

My cup runneth over.

I've been packing.  Yeah, I know...I've been packing since December, what's new?  But we're down to the actual moving part, so it's packing in earnest.  Everything, even the paint.  You know she's serious when she packs up the craft paint.

Not the house paint, though.  We close Monday on our new house.  I'll paint (more!) walls for a few days, then we'll move that Friday.  So there won't be time next week to pack...it's gotta get done now.

The work began this morning in my studio.  As I scooped up all the brushes on my work table--great fistfuls of brushes!--I was struck by two things.

One, how marvelous they look all fanned out like that.
Two, how lucky I am to have so many.

I looked around...cones of extra thread on the window, plastic drawers chock full of supplies and materials.

The abundance of working materials is not something I take for granted, or at least I didn't think so until today.  So today I am consciously grateful for such a bounty.  When I unpack in the new studio, finding places for paint and fabric and wood and clay...I will do my best to honor this bounty and make the very best of it.  I will include in my prayer of gratitude a thanks for the time, focus, and space in which to create. 


  1. Good luck in your new home. Hopefully you will have a smooth move. Love the scissors holder.

  2. It is a blessing to have the things you need. So many things are so expensive, but so far I have gotten what I needed, we should always be grateful for what we have. Good luck on your move, and hopefully you can get sorted out and moved in and making dolls again real soon.

  3. What a tidy studio! Yes, having had to give up all my doll making gear, and then slowly building it up again, I'm grateful for what I have. It's not hoarding! Doll making requires a huge amount of stuff, as we're required to be sculptors and tailors and cobblers and painters and laundry maids and hair dressers and wig makers and prop makers and cosmetologists and restorers and toy makers and upholsterers and dress makers and...

    Good luck with the move! Will we see studio pictures?

  4. Jan... wishing you added strength (like in "muscle") for that move and a spirit of peace as you and hubby settle into that new home. You ARE the real "wonder-woman!" Daryle

  5. I relate to where you are! I too have been organizing and packing, sneezing. Packing can be really endless, especially if you like some kind of logic to it, and want all to arrive at the other end in one piece, easy to open up and put out.

    Good luck with the final days, sleeping in your beds in a new to you home.


  6. Still unpacking, I know. Busy time selling and moving. It's a grand adventure though.
    Been busy with grandbaby and husband, and need to find me time.
    Congratulations on the new home. Make it happy and take pictures.

    take care


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