May 14, 2013

We're in...sort of.

We've been in for almost four weeks, but it still feels like we just got here.  The loss of three hundred square feet from the old place means this place has a lot of work to do in order to "absorb" us and all our crap stuff.  But it's coming along.  The hubs has installed so many shelves that he mutters in his sleep now..."where's the level?  What'd I do with that stud finder?"  but he makes things work for us, no matter where we go.  Go vertical, young man!

I had a trip to the emergency room a week ago Sunday--sliced my ring finger open and "degloved" the knuckle.  Stitches, a splint, etc.  The worst part is that it's my right hand, and the second worst part is HELLO we just moved!  I have way too much to do to be sidelined like this.

I've managed to get things done--oddly large motor skill activities are easier than small ones.  I can dig and mow a lawn, but trying to paint a cabinet or write my name is exhausting.  Being the adaptable woman that I am, I put this odd truth to work and got some digging done, to the accompaniment of the hubs admonishments to stop, go sit down, read a book or something.  Right.

(The hand is healing fine, no worries.)  But day before yesterday I realized I was getting ahead of myself on the landscape.  I was putting things in the ground, cutting down those awful boxwoods, etc. BEFORE getting any "before" photos.  Years from now I'd have been really mad about that.  I know, because I didn't get nearly enough of those on the last house, given the changes we made there.

So. pardon the picture heavy post...but my hand is tired of splint-typing--another frustratingly slow activity.  Hope all the moms had a lovely Mom's Day!

The "dead" spots are where I killed the grass in order to dig beds.   The hubs has said I can plant the entire yard as much as I want--as in eliminate the lawn altogether.  Few people know how happy this makes me.  It will take YEARS! 

The garage and back gate...and a Loquat tree that is not long for this earth.  Small messy fruit and bird poop seem to be its major contributions...we will put a Texas Redbud there for shade later.

View of the back yard from the corner where Phil will install a new gate.  Need a place to park the hauling trailer.

A new desert willow tree w/ companions...Schultz is posing so I will have a sort of "comparison growth chart" photo.  :~)

The teeny tiny tree next to the wheelbarrow is a Southern Magnolia my son and his wife sent me for Mom's Day.  This is at the front corner of the house...and this evergreen tree can get up to 60 feet tall.  We'll see, right?

Our messy back yard...the view from the bird bath, with all the waiting-to-be-planted cannas, irises, roses, etc.  Also the waiting-to-be-mowed tall grass and weeds.  The rain barrel has come in handy already.

View from the covered porch.  Happy birds here--in the evenings, the doves are out in force at the feeders.

City ordinance prohibits dogs out--even in their own front yards!--without a leash.  This does NOT make the Schultz very happy.  He's used to keeping me company while I dig.

The next project: along the fence there (where the dead spots are) will be roses, jasmine, and drought tolerant perennials.

More later of the inside of the's too messy right now for a camera to come anywhere near it.  Cheers!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS JAN! I really love the design of your new house. Your yard won't know what hit it by the time you are finished with your planting projects, it is going to be beautiful. As daunting as a move is, it is always full of exciting new adventures, enjoy!

  2. Sorry about the finger. Your place will be perfect in no time! Can't wait to see the progress with your yard. Magnolia trees are lovely!

  3. Hi Jan, Love the post and all the pictures.The house is really nice, You will be busy forever. all your plans are great and you will have the best yard in town. doggie is cute in the pictures. Poor cut up finger. I hope it heals without any problems. I know how hard it is for you do do things with your right hand. When you can, let us see the inside, I would love a tour.

  4. Creating pretty spaces, inside and out, seems to be something you enjoy, so you are definitely back in business. I certainly hope you have set aside space inside just for you and the dolls. Take care of the finger!

  5. You have a lot of work plans ahead of you but it will be lovely when it's finished. Poor Schultz:(

  6. Hi Jan, I hope your hand is doing much better by now and that soon you will be back to creating dolls. Hard to rest up during a move, my urge has always been to recreate the nest as quickly as possible. Or improve on it.

  7. Jan... Ah, the well-appointed flower garden areas! I was just out this a.m., weeding, thinning, thinning, and thinning some more in my two-year old perennial garden. Keep in mind that come this fall... I plan on bundling up some of those blue flag iris tubers and will send them your way for that Texas turf! Take time to let that finger heal (easier said than done)! Congrats too on the beautiful new granddaughter! Daryle


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