Jun 28, 2013


I call her that because everybody should have a name, right?  But I didn't give her a name in her Ebay Listing, because someone told me that naming them puts some people off.  Maybe so?  My answer is to compromise.  I'll give them names in the Etsy store and at doll shows, but on Ebay, they'll just be dolls.  Not sure if that counts as a controlled experiment, but oh well.

At any rate, this wee girlie went on Ebay this afternoon.  She's the first of the March Madness dolls, finished and looking for a new home.

Hope everybody has a fabulous weekend!  (My hubby has promised me we'll go get more landscaping rocks: color me happy!)


  1. She's a pretty girl. If you could come to my house, I would give you rocks, very pretty creek rocks. Have fun this weekend. I am proud to say my pot of flowers is still alive!

    1. Ooh, I would love pretty creek rocks. It was funny...we sat together on the back porch, and he said, "You want to go get some more rock this weekend?" and I reacted as if he'd said, "Would you like a romantic night of dinner and dancing?" :~P

  2. Jan, she is just fabulous and I love your pictures on eBay. I know she will be getting a new home for sure! ♥Judi

  3. She is a beautiful doll. I went and looked at the ebay pictures. she has some distressing, especially on her nose, this to me is an endearing feature. Her picture looking straight at the viewer is good. You get a look into who she is and you can see how pretty she is. I love a real close up of the doll's face. Her dress is pretty too. Very soft. It was nice to see one of your dolls again.

  4. I like the doll -- but I LOVE her name! I always thought I would name a daughter Joetta, but I think I like Jocasta better. It doesn't really matter, I only had boys!


  5. Hibernation must be working for you! Jocasta is a beauty, for sure! I do like her dress, especially the longer sleeves.

  6. Jocasta is such a precious doll. Who ever takes her home will be very lucky.
    Lina Janosi


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