Jun 24, 2013

Summertime and the living is...air conditioned.

It's just about the time of year that I hibernate for summer.  Actually it's a little late for my annual indoor retreat, but I've had a job of landscaping to do, and am still (sort of) working on it.  But only a few hours in the morning, rather than six or eight hours a day like I've been doing.

HUGE changes in the yard...I'll post pictures as soon as we get the rock spread in the limestone walkway I'm digging across the front.  But all the beds I want to dig for this year are in, and now it's down to keeping it alive over the summer.  Helps to have a smaller yard!

In the meantime, the hubby has built the most wonderful sewing cubby for me, enabling me to create a multi-functional workspace with the rest of the room.  So now I have a cubicle for sewing, a wall of table space with separate areas for painting and sculpting...shelving for the Fabric Stash, and the old entertainment center he'd built ages ago for storage of all that crap I can never resist bring home.

I have dithered about this last week, knowing I could really get started if I'd just do it.  But the problem has been that I'm down to a certain hard part of doll making that wears me out, and since I began a dozen or more dolls last March (and did all the fun part), I have LOTS of this hard part to do.  Namely: hands.

The pattern piece for the separate thumb is as small as a pea in some cases, and sewing those tiny thumbs on, stuffing those tiny fingers...well, let's just say this is not an instant gratification part of the doll making.  BUT I started, so the momentum will carry me through.  Sorta like going to the gym.

Hope everyone is staying in out of the heat--or if you live in a place with cold winters and lovely summers, staying out in the sunshine.  I personally am enjoying the AC and some old movies while I sew.

Some of the Izannah dolls I began last March...

Wee little digits for each and every one.


  1. CI'm thinking ai need to make the hands first. Pleae share your new studio setup over on Maida when you get a chance. :-)

    1. I will, Dixie--it's a huge mess right now, and nothing is really where it will end up, but I was afraid if I waited 'til it was "perfect" I'd never start! Still, it's functional, and has the potential to be wonderful, if a bit odd. ;~)

  2. Yes, I am looking forward to seeing your sewing cubby and your new garden. All your activity is making me feel tired and I havn't done anything! :-)

  3. Good luck with the tiny hands. Can't wait to see your sewing cubby and the yard work.
    I have one pot of flowers and so far they are still alive.......but it's early!

  4. You're a busy bee as usual. the dolls are looking wonderful. I like the darker headed one toward the left. She is a little bigger than the others I think. they are all very pretty. I want to see your yard too, and your whole house.


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