Jul 11, 2013


I just have so much fun with that acronym.  Pronounce it Fat.  See?  Isn't that fun?  Okay, I'm easily entertained.  PFATT, as lots of you might know, is Primitive Folk Art Trinkets and Treasures, and the PFATT Marketplace is a fun place to shop if you love folk art.

I chose this month to have wee Becky represent my "market debut" on PFATT, because down here we've had summer since April and are ready for FALL.  Becky is an autumn harvest themed Googly Izzy, with fall colors and teeny veggies on her dress.  A hybrid of the old Googly dolls, but with a cloth and clay body, made the way I make Izannah Walker dolls.

I like this idea of hybrid dolls...combining aspects of several types of old dolls into something new but still reminiscent of each.  Becky has a mix of "effort levels" as I call it...some of her clothing is antique, some is reproduction, some is just fun.

If you feel like browsing and love primitive folk art, the 10th of every month brings new and beautiful things to be found on PFATT.   And you can shop in your bunny slippers, if you want.    


  1. Adorable Jan! She does look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

  2. She's darling, I love her bonnet and pig tails. I'll check out fat.

  3. she is a cutie. I love the googly dolls. She has a sweet smile and big blue eyes. I didn't know about PFATT so I have to go check it out right now. thanks for letting us know it's there, and it's nice to see some more of your dolls.


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