Aug 26, 2013

Doll Show Post Mortem

Phil and I used to do a "post mortem" of SCA events on our way home from them.  You know...discussing what went well, what stunk, what we enjoyed the most, what we'd do differently and how should we do it.  We were "merchants" instead of "vendors", because those were medieval reenactment events, but the essentials remain the same.

This last Saturday's show was at a new venue, so the logistics changed some.  Primarily the set-up time was cut by a third!  I was seriously scrambling to get it all set up in time.  Part of that, however, is my fault.

My set up involves backdrops with drapes, layers and layers of tablecloths, holiday decorations, lace and crochet doilies out the you-know-what, and tiers of crates and tiny chairs.  Add to that the dragging out & unwrapping of umpteen gillion dolls, and untangling doll stands from out of that (shudder) horrible snarl of clanking wires and bases, and a big dose of Virgo Perfectionism...well, you can imagine.

This show has taught me that I must take Mr. Emerson's advise and "Simplify, simplify, simplify."

I spend all day yesterday sketching out a new lighter, easier and non-draped backdrop system.  New tablecloths that do not require layers, and new risers that do not require doilies.  I will miss that lush look of crocheted lace, but something had to go.  (Maybe a few doilies, just for a touch here and there?)  SEE???  Somebody stop me!  

Enough about set up.  The show went well on several levels. Dolls found new homes, I have new friends, and--thanks to a friend who'd saved lots of antique lace for me--new dolls will be dressed.
One particular delight was meeting Miss Loretta Nardone, of UFDC fame, discussing the possibility of a seminar on cloth and clay doll making at the 2014 UFDC Convention.
Oh--and listening to her Boston accent.  I love accents, and hers is so fun to hear!  

This week I have to tend to all that stuff I ignored in favor of the show, so now it's time to fix that.  

After I finish my coffee.
Hope your week is fabulous, dahlinks.


  1. Wow! Jan your booth is delightful. I love your Walker style dolls the most..of course,♥

  2. Jan, the pictures are great. All the dolls are wonderful. I liked them all, but did notice the bigger Izannah in the blue dress. She is very nice. I am glad you had a good time and met new friends. You will really meet a lot of people at the USDC conference. I think your set up is wonderful. It would attract me a lot. It might take more time, but it was good. You better get to work now to fill those empty spaces.

  3. *Sigh* Everything is so lovely! What a wonderful sounds like lots of work, but it sure looks wonderful. Glad you like a good Boston accent (coming from a New England girl myself - it is wicked awesome! - LOL)

  4. Thank you for posting the pictures here so that we can all enjoy them even if we could not be there with you. Your display is beautiful! Yes you are right to think of making your own setting up go smoother as you think of ways to still show off your wonderful dolls. Glad it was a success!


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